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Compositeur : RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)
Auteur du texte : MARMONTEL, Jean-François (1723-1799)
Création : 6 novembre 1753 - Théâtre de Fontainebleau

Genre : Acte de ballet
Catalogue : RCT 47 

Synopsis :

The shepherdess Délie refuses to return the shepherd Lysis’s love, but agrees to give him her friendship. Convinced that a single moment of tender love is worth years and years of friendship, Lysis resorts to a stratagem to entice her to declare her love. He pretends to love another shepherdess, for whom he wants to give celebrations, and asks Délie to help him prepare them in the name of friendship. The jealousy Délie then feels makes her aware of her love for Lysis, who is overcome with joy on hearing her confession. The celebrations will finally be for Délie, for whom they were really intended.

[Patrick Florentin]

1753/11/6 - Château, théâtre (FONTAINEBLEAU) - LISIS ET DÉLIE

FEL, Marie (1713-1794) [Délie]
JÉLYOTTE, Pierre de [Lisis]


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